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Ed Pullen is a Financial Adviser with Byron Capital, providers of respected financial planning and investment advice. Ed can help you with all aspects of financial planning, including investments and superannuation advice, personal risk insurance, Aged Pension and aged care.

Byron Capital Private Investors specialise in providing tailored financial advice targeted specifically at meeting your individual needs.

We operate under a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Authority which allows us to manage and maintain investment portfolios on behalf of our clients in accordance with an agreed investment strategy and asset allocation. Our MDA Authority enables us to make investment decisions, implement portfolio changes and take advantage of market opportunities without having to contact our clients for each buy/sell recommendation. This also allows us to move very quickly on both buying and selling opportunities.

We work closely with the research house, Evans & Partners, in Melbourne. They have been wonderful to work with and we believe they have some of the country’s top analysts and equity strategists. In addition, we work with an external asset allocation consultant to continually critique the blend of asset classes in our portfolios. We invest primarily in direct equities however, we do utilise managed funds where we believe a professional fund manager can add value to our client’s portfolios.

Byron invests client funds through the netwealth platform, a custodial group also based in Melbourne who we have been using to hold client assets for close to a decade. Netwealth takes care of the significant administrative burden that a direct equity portfolio produces and provides all the necessary tax paperwork for end of financial year tax returns. Netwealth has an extremely thorough website that provides access to your portfolio at all times, live pricing of your investments and an extensive suite of reports.


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