My Best Self Kinesiology and Wellness

Zoie Andrews is a Specialised Kinesiologist trained as a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) and is a Registered Level 2 Practitioner with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists. She is also an Advanced Hyperton X and Total Body Modification (TBM) Practitioner.


Zoie is enthusiastic about empowering people with knowledge and tools to be proactive in managing their own wellness.


Her private clinic is set in beautiful natural surrounds where clients can focus on their wellness journey. She works with clients of all ages and has a Blue Card for working with children from birth. Her practice is based on whole body health care with gentle alternatives and additional supports to Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Counselling to help you be your Best Self.


What does your Best Self look like? No one knows that better than you and your body. Zoie uses Kinesiology techniques and muscle testing to find out which pieces of your life experiences and exposures are having a negative effect (stress) on you being your best self.


Zoie specialises in a holistic approach to supporting her client’s health and wellbeing and looks at the physical, emotional, nutritional and chemical elements that are impacting on their wellness goals.


She has experience in supporting clients with

· Pain management and reduction both physical and emotional

· Injury recovery and sports performance improvements

· Nutritional and environmental influences on health and wellness

· Learning Difficulties and Behavioural Issues

· Immune Mismatch Reponses presenting with symptoms such as food intolerances and

sensitivities, sinus, hay fever, bowel and gut disturbances, skin and eczema problems,

behavioural issues, anxiety and depression, fatigue & low energy.

· Antenatal and post-natal pregnancy support and recovery

· Pelvic floor issues including incontinence, bedwetting, and bowel issues


At My Best Self Kinesiology and Wellness we believe that everyone has the right to feel and be their best self. What would your life look like if you looked, felt and functioned as your best self?


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Clinic 13 Fondulac Drive,  Highfields
Phone 0403 97 00 97
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